Marijuana and Our Youth

Marijuana and the Responsible Parent - coverAs marijuana laws change, parents have the best opportunity to guide young people. Winner of the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s Pacesetter Award, Marijuana and the Responsible Parent (10th Edition) offers parents a practical blueprint on how to talk with their teenager (or even their pre-teen) about weed, vaping and smoking pot. This valuable and fast-selling book is available on Amazon now.

When it comes to marijuana and young adults there are three realities:

  1. Marijuana is available, and young people are tempted to try it.
  2. There are risks regarding use, especially among young people.
  3. Parents should be trusted to guide their children in these areas of risk.

Neither pro nor anti-marijuana, the goal of the book is to help you place your child on a life path that does not lead to substance abuse, and that journey begins with communication.

Talking to your kids about substance abuse or using marijuana and vaping doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable conversation for either of you. With the considered advice in this guide, you can be the trusted and informed resource your teenager needs before their inevitable exposure.

Endorsed by national experts on drug and alcohol abuse among teens, this concise resource is everything you need to succeed with your parental responsibilities and protect your child from the risks associated with drug use.

This 10th Edition includes the most current information on legalization and vaping.

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"As one who has been required to read a lot of academic scientific reports, I found this book refreshing in its use of common language, while demonstrating that the authors understand science, drug policy, and most importantly, parents and children. This book really is a nice piece of work."

Joel Egertson

Former Senior Drug Policy Advisor, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services

"Parents should be the most powerful force in protecting and preparing children for the future.

This book prepares parents with thoughtful information and perspective on both marijuana and meeting the responsibilities that are fundamental to responsible parenthood."

James Rusin, MD, MBA, FAAFT

(35 years of family practice)

Vaping: Tobacco and Marijuana

Topics in this paper include: What is vaping? What's actually going on? Is vaping dangerous? The future of vaping.

The free content here is also found in a chapter of our latest edition of Marijuana and the Responsible Parent. If you like what you read here you will most certainly appreciate the tips found in this short and topically relevant book of data and advice. It is only $6.99 for the eBook (or less depending on your Amazon Kindle Unlimited status) and $10.95 for the Perfect Paperback print version. Many find our book a helpful resource that helps parents talk to teens about vaping and anything related to marijuana use.

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